Friday, August 30, 2013

Theme for Blogs Due September 6th: Social Networking Security or Lack of When Promoting Your Brand

Today’s social media platforms make it simple to obtain immediate feedback from current/potential customers; additionally, social media platforms afford the business owner/client a venue for real-time conversations with their audience. 

Two valuable Internet (social media) tools that help the business owner/client track what is being posted about them are:

Users of these tools can set-up and receive alerts when key words, phrases, or topics are being used within a given social media site and/or Blog that pertains to them (Example: searching Google for their company’s name).

It is our goal, as a team, to help our client:
1.     Manage these conversations
2.     Provide information that corrects false statements
3.     Provide valuable feedback to improve their product or service
4.     Communicate important information about your client’s offerings
5.     Increase consumer participation
6.     Control and manage their digital footprint
The following social monitoring tools are also available in order to navigate the social network maze (some are paid-for services, some are free):

Alterian SM2
Social Mention
Twitter Search
An exhaustive list can be found at:  

Keep in mind that our client can also set-up their Facebook page to target a specific audience, demographic area, and/or both:

Now that you have all of these amazing tools to share with your client/team over the course of the semester, your Blog theme this week (due September 6 at midnight) will be:

Social Networking and security. . .or lack of when promoting your brand.
 (Please be sure that the theme (above) appears somewhere within your Blog's title.)

Other great how-to resources to consider:

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